We've enhanced our Outbound Email feature with advanced domain verification. Emails can now bear your unique domain signature through DKIM and return path configurations, significantly improving trust and deliverability. Your workflow for email verification and domain setup is now more streamlined and secure.

Step1: Navigate to the report settings located within the account details.

Step 2: Please click on 'Add Email', and you will be presented with a popup form where you can fill in the sender's name and email address. After completing the form, click 'Save' as indicated below.

Step 3: After adding the sender's name and email address, you will receive a verification email, as illustrated below.

If you haven't received the email verification, you can request it again by clicking on the resend option provided

Step 4: After completing the email verification process, the email status will be updated to 'verified,' you will also receive DKIM DNS record and Return-Path details, including the hostname and text value. These details need to be added to your DNS settings by logging into your hosting account or contacting your web host provider.

Step 5: After updating your DNS settings, click to verify DKIM or Return-Path in our platform, and you'll immediately see the status of your setup.

Note: To configure your Return-Path domain, create a CNAME record in your DNS settings with the name "pm-bounces" pointing to pm.mtasv.net. 

For detailed instructions, you can refer to this guide: https://postmarkapp.com/support/article/910-how-do-i-add-a-custom-return-path.

If you prefer a video guide, you can find it here: https://postmarkapp.com/videos/setting-up-dkim-custom-return-path-dmarc-in-cloudflare.