1. What is Uptime Monitoring?

BlogVault provides you with a feature to monitor your website’s UpTime, i.e. whether your website is running or is it down.

2. Why do I require Uptime Monitoring?

Here are some of the main reasons why everyone requires Uptime Monitoring:

  1. More Downtime equals Loss in Money: If your website remains inaccessible for a period of time, you will lose revenue.
  2. Site Visitors Reliability: Your site visitors are your guests. So your aim is to entertain them and guide them through your website, rather than leaving them alone in a place that is new for them. Having your website down is sort of like closing your door in their face even though you’re not doing it intentionally.
  3. Search Engine Influence: If your website faces too much downtime, it will have an impact on your SEO, and Search Engines might penalize the website which is never good for any website.

3. How Does BlogVault's Uptime Monitoring Feature Work?

BlogVault's system pings our plugin on your website once every 15 or 5 minutes(Based on subscription) to check if the site is down. You are instantly notified if a website goes down, enabling you to handle the situation before things get really serious. The sooner you know the better. Saves you a lot of time and headaches.

4. Is this feature going to drain my website’s resources?

No, UpTime monitoring does not drain your website's resources.

We have specially designed the gap at which we ping our plugin on the website for 15 and 5 minutes to avoid any sort of excess server load on the website.

5. Why am I getting a notification?

The notifications are a part of the UpTime monitoring feature. Through these notifications, we let the user know about the status of their website so that they can take action in case the website is down.

6.  What is the reason for my site showing as Down?

There can be many reasons for this. Some of the most common ones are:

1. Your Website has crashed due to some reason.
2. MySQL(Database) server is not running
3. The website is under heavy load.
4. A plugin or theme update has broken the website.

There are more like:
1. There is an active Firewall on the website which is blocking our Ping Requests.
2. Our plugin is not active on your site or got deactivated accidentally.

7. I got “Site Down”. What do I do next?

Check if your website is currently online. 

If the website is online, there might be a possibility that we are unable to connect with our plugin due to some issue. 

Please contact our team at support@blogvault.net and we will assist you in reviewing this.

8. What is the frequency of the check?

We ping your website once every 15 or 5 minutes to check the UpTime status of the website.

9. How do I change this frequency?

Currently, we cannot change the frequency of the check.

10. How do I disable email notifications for UpTime Monitoring?

You can contact our Support team at support@blogvault.net and they will disable the email notifications for your website.

11. How can I see my website’s UpTime History?

We currently do not have this feature but we are working on implementing this soon.

You can contact our support team at support@blogvault.net to get your website's UpTime History.