Here is a detailed workflow guide to help you with the procedure ->

To add team members to your BlogVault account:

Step 1: Log into the BlogVault dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Account and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on the Team option in the dropdown menu

Step 3: To add a new team member on the MANAGE TEAM tab there is an Add Team Member option. You can view all your existing Team members' information here.

Step 4: Select the team member role you would like to assign to them. Enter your team member's name, email address, company name, and select the sites you would like to give access to. You can also include additional notes if required. Once done click on save to add the team member.

Note:  Team members can have different roles, 
            Collaborators can only manage sites assigned to them.
            Administrators can do everything apart from view or change billing details
            Co-Owners have full access to the dashboard.

Step 5: Once the team member is added. You can see the list of your existing team members and manage them. You can delete them by clicking the can icon or edit their details by clicking on the pencil icon. You can also resend them a team member invite by clicking on the refresh icon