A domain(s) can be removed from your BlogVault account and a new one can be added but we have a limit on the no. of times you can remove a website/domain & replace it with another website/domain in one billing cycle.

Based on the Plan that you have subscribed to, below are the maximum no. of websites you can add during one Billing Cycle:

  • 1 Website Plan -> 3 Websites 
  • 5 Website Plan -> 10 Websites 
  • 20 Website Plan -> 30 Websites
  • 50 Website Plan -> 75 Websites

Above 50 Websites plan, you can add 1.5 times the no. of websites as per your plan (Eg: On the 100 Websites plan, you can add 150 Websites in one billing Cycle)

In case you need any more help please write to us at support@blogvault.net