There are 2 ways of downloading backups of your WordPress site:

Step 1: Go to the BlogVault website and login using your email ID. 

Step 2: On the BlogVault site listing page, select the website of your choice.


Step 3: It'll take you to the Site Detail page. In this page, select details in Backup section.


Step 4: On this page, Click on Download Backup.


Step 5: On this same page, click the Show All Backups option in the Backup section. 

  • It takes you to a list of backup versions, arranged in a timeline. You can choose to download any of the 365 Days of backup versions you see displayed on this page.

Step 6: Clicking the Download Backup button leads you to a form:

Step 7: The form requires essential details related to the backup version you want to download, as well as your WordPress site’s database tables so that the BlogVault plugin can prepare and download the necessary files and tables from your site.

  • The destination URL is automatically filled up with your WordPress site’s URL.
  • Advanced Options allows you to choose if you’d like to include the  Real-Time Events.
  • Selective Download Option allows you to choose if  you’d like to download either tables and files, only tables, or only files of your WordPress site:


  • Click Continue. This will immediately start compressing your WordPress backup.

  • This process is quick and continues in the background even if you exit the page.

Step 8: When your backup is zipped, the BlogVault dashboard will give you a Download Link button. 

Clicking on this will download the .zip file of your backup to the computer you’re using to access the dashboard. If you can’t click on the button, you could copy the link and paste it into your browser’s address bar to achieve the same result.

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