To change the website URL from the BlogVault dashboard to maintain your website history without losing any previous data, please follow the below listed steps: 

Step 1: Sign in to your BlogVault account here: 

Step 2: On the BlogVault site listing pageselect the website of your choice.

Step 3: It'll take you to the site details page. On the site details page, on the left-hand side, there is an option called Settings, represented by a Gear or you will see the 3 dots as shown below. Select it.

Step 4: It will open the site setting page, where you can find an option to Update the URL.

Step 5: On this page click on the edit button to enter the new site URL 

Step 6: Once you confirm the URL, click on the save button.

This feature will replace the Change Protocol menu in the site settings, you can use this feature to change the current site protocol as well. Example: to

The Site URL and all the relevant information will be updated for that site after a new sync.