When you add a WordPress site to your BlogVault account, the Firewall is automatically enabled. Here's how you can check the details of Traffic Logs:

Step 1: Log into your BlogVault account and select a website. It'll take you to the site details page.

Step 2: In the security section click on Review Security

Step 3: In the security dashboard please scroll down and find Firewall (Attack Protection) and click on View All to view the firewall logs


Step 4: Traffic Logs show the IP requests made on the website. The next page will show all traffic logs. You can click on Filter Logs to filter the IPs based on countries or status or responses that were automatically allowed/blocked by MalCare. They show the number of incoming traffic requests made to your site.


Step-5: Filter accordingly on the basis of these given parameters, like if you select Status as Allowed, then you can see all allowed requests,