A video to get you started

There are two ways to validate your website backups:

Step 1: Go to BlogVault website and sign up using your email ID. 

Step 2: On the BlogVault site listing page, select the website you want to validate backups of. 


Step 3: It'll take you to the Site Detail page. Select the Backup section.

Step 4: Click Test-Restore.


Step 3: You can test any of the backup versions of your site from the Show All Backup feature.


Step 4: Select the Backup version and the PHP version you want for the backup you want to validate.

  • Test Restores can also be accessed from the task progress section of the BlogVault dashboard.


Step 5: Just clicking on the respective notifications will allow you to either access the test site or remove it.

Step 6: Now you will be given credentials to access your backup test.

Step 7: Visit Test Restore to check if your backup is in working order.

Step 8: You will be asked to enter your credentials from the previous page.

Step 9: You can access or delete any test restore, by just clicking on it.

Step 10: Click Yes, delete it to confirm the deletion. 

  • Removing the Test Restore site would delete it, and all its information from BlogVault’s servers.