Step 1: To clean your website, you must first log into you BlogVault account and select the website that you want to clean. 

Step 2: In the Site Details page there is a section called Security. Click the arrow.

Step 3:  In that section, there is Scan Site button. Click on it and the plugin will begin scanning your website for any trace of a hack. 

Step 4: Once the scan is complete, if the plugin tells you that Your Site is Hacked, then you’d need to clean it using the Auto Clean button.

You can find the Auto Clean even on the Site Details page.


Step 4: Before the cleaning begins, you’ll have to enter your FTP credentials. Remember to select SFTP in the FTP Type. 

Step 5: Once you fill that up and hit Continue, you’ll have to Select Folder with WP Installation. And then click on Continue. In our case, select the public_html folder and click on continue. 

Step 6: And that’s it. Your website is now clean. 

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